• Company IntroductionFuture Power Pakistan. is a local  aftermarket supplier of high quality OEM and non-OEM replacement spare parts and services for the General Electric and Non GE heavy duty, industrial gas turbines. Through our worldwide network we are able to offer clients a wide range of products for the GE designed MS3002, MS5002, MS5001, MS6001, MS7001 and MS9001 gas turbines. Our goal at our Future Power Pakistan is to offer owners and operators of these gas turbines an experienced, reliable and competitive source for all of their gas turbine needs.Future Power Pakistan. was founded and is run by a combination of well experienced and knowledgeable personnel with over  years of combined experience in the gas turbines field. We have taken great pride in providing our clients the highest quality parts, the technical knowhow and services to ensure that their gas turbines run and operate reliably and efficiently.Since our incorporation in 2016, we have successfully provided our clients a one stop solution to all of their GE and Non  GE industrial gas turbine needs. We have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients all over the Pakistan in both the public and private sectors. These customers include electric utilities, service centers, oil & gas companies, Fertilizer, Cement Industries etc

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